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Sports & Recreation
Karin Sturdy

519 Fourth Ave
SPRD's Sports & Rec in the AVTEC Gym
Seward, AK  99664-0167

(907) 224-4054
Fax: (907) 224-2468

Sports & Recreation Hours
Tue to Thu 9:30 a to 9 p
Gym rentals by appointment, 224-4054
Hours of Operation:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:  9:30 am - 9:00 pm

Closed: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday 

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Gym Rental Rates

  • $60 per hour
  • $35 per hour for non-profit agencies. Must submit proof.
  • Depending on the day-of-the-week, a $350 per day AVTEC rental fee may be required in addition to the SPRD hourly rate.

Gym Schedule

  • Gym Walking:  Tuesday to Thursday: 9:30 am to 11 am
  • Indoor Park:  Tuesday to Thursday: 11 am to 12 noon (kids up to age 5 with adults)
  • Open Adult Basketball League Tuesday and Thursday: 7 pm to 9 pm
  • Wallyball / Open Volleyball Wednesday: 6:30 -8:00 pm

Drop-in Fees:

  • Adults: $5 
  • Youth / Senior Citizens: $3 
  • Tots (under 5):  $2

Annual Passes and Punch cards:

  • $300 Annual Pass 
  • 20-Visit Adult Punch Card: $80
  • 20-Visit Youth / Senior Card:  $50
  • 20-Visit Tot Card (Under 5):  $30

Sports Leagues
Windsong Lodge Youth Soccer League July 9 - Aug 22 

Youth Soccer League Flyer and Registration

Youth Coach Form 

We are seeking more players, especially players ages 10 to 12 (Juniors) and players ages 13 to 17 (Seniors.) We have already registered big numbers in Pee Wees, ages 3 to 5 and with our Rookie group, ages 6 to 9. Windsong Soccer plays every Monday and Wednesday nights.  Pee Wees and Rookies play at 5:30. Juniors and Seniors play at 6:30. (Enough of either group might push the Seniors to play at 7:30.) All practices and games at Seward Elementary School field. Light rain will NOT cancel games. The late league fee, $35 is due as soon as possible, so we can line-out teams. Play starts Mon, July 9 through Wed, Aug 22.  Parents with 3-year old players remain on the field to help out, and most 3-year olds are finished by 6:15 pm.


Q. What gear does my child need?

A. 1. Windsong Lodge sponsors the league and supplies a team shirt and matching, competition socks to each paid player. These are the uniform and should be worn every Monday and Wednesday evening.

2. Other than that, each player should dress according to Seward, Alaska weather. Often, players enjoy wearing long-sleeves (or even rain jacket) under the uniform shirt.

3. Seward parks & rec strongly recommends wearing shin guards. Families can often find good deals locally. We have a small supply of shin guards on sale for $5 per pair at our Sports & Rec office in the AVTEC Gym.

4. Coaches are good at providing a water break(s). Each player should bring a water bottle to keep on the sidelines. Put your player’s name on her/his water bottle.

Q. Will my player play at 5:30 or 6:30?

A. Younger players play at 5:30. Kids on Pee Wees (ages 3 to 5) and Rookies players (ages 6 to 9) start at 5:30. Most three- and four-year olds are ‘done’ after 45 minutes, so parents watch.

            Kids ages 3 to 9 start at 5:30 pm

            Players ages 10 to 12, 13 start at 6:30

            Teens ages 13 to 17 start at 6:30 or 7:30, depending upon the number of players and teams.

Q. Can a three-year old handle organized sports?
A. Parents know the attention span and confidence of their own kids. Seward parks and recreation requires parents of 3-year olds be on the field with their player to help him/her successfully learn the skills, follow the rules and be good team-mates. Parents of kids up to age five are allowed on the field, only if helping with team goals. Parents of kids older than 6 should speak with parks and rec staff &/or the volunteer coaches if parental help is required.

Q. Does Windsong Youth Soccer League play actual soccer matches?

A. Our experienced, volunteer youth coaches are well-versed in childhood development and the game of soccer. Our coaches are ready to challenge other teams in our leagues. However to date, we have rarely had enough players to field multiple teams within an age group. Most of our league time is spent in skill development with an emphasis on every kid touching (kicking or dribbling) the ball and good sportsmanship. Toward these areas of emphasis, coaches lead multiple skills games which are fun, action-packed and teach various skills. Usually coaches can lead kids through a tremendous amount of growth quickly in the season’s beginning, if kids do continue to put their feet on the ball. Once kids learn to follow directions and learn the vocabulary of passing, offense, stopping, etc., coaches can usually wrap up Mondays and Wednesdays with scrimmages in Micro Soccer (six kids per side.)

We have not yet played teams from other communities in summer soccer.

Q. How are kids placed on teams? When will I know what team my kid plays with?

A. Similar to above, we will generally have one team per age group. Younger kids will play from 5:30 pm to 6:25 pm.

     Older kids play 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

     If we have enough teens, we may start teens at 6:30 or 7:30 pm. TBA

Q. Can my kid play up or down in his/her age group?

A. Volunteer coaches and parks and recreation staff can discuss and evaluate the best (and safest) placement for an individual, upon request. Safety of all players will be considered. Parks and recreation staff understands that family groups may wish to stay together, and we will accommodate reasonable requests whenever possible.

Q. What is Windsong Youth Soccer League photo day about?

A. We thank our volunteer coaches and sponsor by gathering all the players for team and group photos. Families are NOT required to purchase a package, but we do highly recommend a commemorative photo. Whether or not families plan to purchase a keepsake photo, please send your player in full uniform on photo day. Thanks in advance!

Q. Can a player miss a game?

A. Of course! Seward families are busy and mobile! Enjoy your trip. Please tell your coach when you’ll be gone and when you’ll return. Can you bring a soccer ball on the trip, so your player can practice kicking and dribbling?

Q. What help is needed?
A.1. Parents are encouraged to help players and volunteer coaches by cheering only positive comments during practices and games.

2. Teach your players to thank their volunteer coaches at the end of every practice. Feel free to thank Windsong Lodge and our photo vendor, TBA, through purchases and recommendations to others.

3. Come a few minutes early to help set up cones, balls and pop-up goals with and for the volunteer coaches. Pick up cones; pack away the pop-up goals; return the balls to their carry bags at the end of the night.

4. Soccer families have great input and good ideas. Send your positive suggestions to .

5. Post positive photos on our Parks & Rec Facebook page

6. Teach “Play 60 Every day” is a national parks & rec movement with the NFL, teaching kids to physically move and play every day. The more your player kicks around his/her soccer ball, the better!

7. Be eyes and ears for SOCCER. If you see doggie doo-doo on the field, where it doesn’t belong, please bag it, pick it up and toss it away, appropriately. Let us know if we forgot to unlock the portapotty. Help teach kids (and parents?) to pick up litter at the end of the night. If you see or hear about moose or bear on or near the field, please report it ASAP to parks and rec, and if necessary to Seward Police, 224-3338.

8. After practice, talk about the skills your child learned. “I saw you pass the ball right to your team mate today!”  “What did that feel like when you stole the ball?” “Do you like playing offense or defense more?”

9. Thank Seward Elementary School for the use of their awesome field.

10. Seward Parks and Recreation Department is hiring right now. We’re seeking qualified adult applicants with a variety of skills sets for different jobs. Check out our website,, and please refer hard-working, people-friendly, work-experienced employees to us.

Our goal is to provide "Mountains of Recreation" to all residents and visitors to Seward, AK.  We are a small department with big dreams, great staff, diverse programs and quality recreation.  We offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor programs and / or activities for all ages, abilities and activity-levels.  

City of Seward • P.O. Box 167, 410 Adams Street City Hall Building • Seward, Alaska 99664 • (907) 224-3331
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