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In this area, the City of Seward will be compiling a list of things we have done or will be doing, to show and inform the public of "green opportunities" that the City has taken advantage of. The most recent is in 2010, the City of Seward was awarded full funding for the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant for $115,800. The scope of work is:

  • Replacement of all windows on two public facilities (Fire Hall & Public Works)
  • Replacement of four doors at the Public Works Department.
  • Necessary exterior window trim and painting around the windows and doors is included
  • Window and door replacement in 2 public facilities (Fire Hall & Public Works). A total of the following quantities;
    1. 17 (3x3') fiberglass triple pane windows in the Fire Department.
    2. 5 (4x5') vinyl triple pane windows in the Public Works Department.
    3. 4 sealed doors in the Public Works Department.
    4. Senior Center complex: one (1) Energy Kinetics-System 2000, EK2 Boiler.
    5. Seward Community Library: 1) Energy Kinetics-System 2000, EK2 Boiler.
    6. Public Works building: one (1) Energy Logic EL-375 multi fuel boiler.
    7. Parks & Recreation: one (1) electric hot heater, at the Resurrection camp ground shower house.
    8. Parks & Recreation: one (1) Monitor / Toyo type oil heater, unit cost, $2500.00.
    9. Parks & Recreation: one (1) hot water heater at warehouse, 2-20volt hot water heater.
    10. Parks & Recreation-Teen and Youth Center: one (1) small hot water heater at Little League Snack Shack.
    11. Boat Harbor: installation of new motion detectors for switch and ceiling lights and fans in the men and women's public restrooms. (the main one in the Harbormaster’s building).
    12. Public Works Department: one (1) stackable washer and dryer to replace old unit.

Other items purchased to save time, effort, trees and paper, increase efficiency, reduce greenhouse gases and waste are;

  • Finance have implemented electronic timesheets and electronic requisitions to reduce paper, recently submitted on-line bill pay for utility customers that increases efficiency and streamlines for its bill paying customers.
  • The MIS department have been working to share files and install "sandbox" to reduce inter department paper usage
  • The City Clerk's department installed a document imaging software to not only safeguard the City's permanent records, but to reduce paper and make government more efficient and available to the public 24/7. They have reduced the number of paper packet copies in half, assisted in bringing this website to the community and have software to yet be implemented making business licenses more user friendly to obtain and eliminating the paper
  • Parks & Rec purchased the electric car to reduce gas costs and be energy efficient. Credit card machines have been installed in the harbor area for increased efficiency
  • The Harbor has their reusable waste oil program for waste reduction and recycling
  • Staff are being trained in areas of alternative energy
  • John Binkley and the Cruise Ship Industry donated a Fluorescent Lightbulb Crusher which allows free community disposal of their fluorescent lightbulbs. These are collected by the Public Works department the first Friday of every month at the shed behind city hall