Public Services

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A library card is not necessary to access our public services. These services are located in the library space.

Community Service

Need to fulfill a community service obligation? You may be eligible if the offense is not theft, violent or sexual in nature. Inquire at the front desk.


Special thanks to the OWL Program and the State of Alaska for providing public access computers and laptops. We require collateral, such as a photo ID, to borrow laptops and headphones.


Black and white copies can be made for $0.20 per copy at a self serve, coin and small bill operated copier. Paper sizes 8.5x14 and 11x17 inches are also available upon request.

Color Copies/Printing

Color copies and printing are available upon request for $0.50 per copy for 8.5x11 and 8.5x14 paper sizes upon request. Color copies for 11x17 paper size is $1.00 per copy. Ask at the front desk.


Incoming and outgoing FAX services are available for $2.00 per fax up to 10 pages, and $5.00 per fax up to 20 pages. Facsimiles sent to our FAX number are held for pick up at the front desk for payment. Our FAX number is (907) 224-3521.

Internet & WiFi Access

Internet access and WiFi connectivity is available to all visitors free of charge and without a password all day, Sunday - Saturday. WiFi is also available outside our building as a way to extend our public services.  Using our internet requires agreeing to abide by our internet use policy. Please consider donating to support this generous and valuable community service.

Micro Film/Fiche

A ST ViewScan Microform Scanner is available for use upon request to view microfilm or microfiche. Newspapers dating back to the early 1900s are available for research purposes. Call (907) 224-4082 to schedule an appointment for the Research Room.

Notary Public

Several Library Museum staff serve as a Alaska Notaries Public and may be available during open hours. Please call ahead to verify availability for timely notary service. Cost of a notary is $3.00 per signature.


Plan far in advance to your need. It is recommended that applications be submitted at least two months prior to need. Note that there is limited staff availability for appointments and there are fees for this service.

Visit our Passport page for more details.


A WiFi printer is available for visitor use. Printing on unused clean paper costs $0.20 per page and printing on one sided used recycled paper costs $0.10 per page. Request paper type at the front desk. School age students are allowed 15 free pages to print school reports.


Two document scanners are available for self serve document scanning with one being a high speed two sided scanner. Call to schedule an appointment to use the Research Room for the self serve scanners. Scanner services are also available for a fee of $3.00 per file. Ask at the front desk.

Test Proctoring

Call us at (907) 224-4082 to learn how to schedule a proctored test or Defensive Drivers Course using our Research Room. Test proctoring may require site approval and that both proctor and student enter into an agreement and is subject to availability. We encourage students to plan ahead since our calendar fills up during midterm and final seasons!