About Our Government

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Incorporation and Services: Incorporated in 1912, Seward is a home-rule city located within the Kenai Peninsula Borough, has a population of 2,600 within city limits, and approximately another 3,000 living just outside our city boundaries. Some of the services that our local government provides include: a 24-hour police department, fire department with 30 active volunteers, library, hospital, public works, boat harbor, community development, engineering and building, parks & recreation, youth center, water/wastewater and our own electric utility. There are approximately 88 year-round employees working for the city government.

Local Government: The city has a City Manager form of government, with a Mayor and six city council members who exercise all legislative and policy-making powers of the city and performs all duties and obligations imposed upon the city by law. The City Manager is appointed by the elected 7-person city council, along with a City Attorney and City Clerk. The city council is elected by the people serve and meet every second and fourth Monday of the month in the City Council Chambers on 410 Adams Street at 7:00 PM. The meetings must adjourn by 10:30 PM.

Borough Government: Seward is located within the Kenai Peninsula Borough which was incorporated in 1964 as a second-class borough. An elected Mayor serves as the chief administrator who works with an elected 9-member legislative assembly, of which Seward has one seat on. The Borough is responsible for area-wide education, solid-waste management, planning and zoning, taxation and assessment.  Local service area boards provide hospital, fire, emergency and recreation services.

Taxation: The city, along with the state of Alaska has no personal income tax. Real/personal property tax within the city is at a low 3.12 mils. The real/personal property tax outside the city, but within the borough is at 4.5 mils with an additional .5 mils for the Seward/Bear Creek Area Flood Service Board. The sales tax for Seward is 4%. The sales tax for the Borough is 3%. Seward also has a 4% bed tax.